General Information

What is Microstockr? Who is it for?
Microstockr is a mobile and desktop app that lets you track your stock earnings in real-time. We are stock photographers ourselves and we realized the time wasted checking individual agencies could be used doing something useful. Like, shooting more stock. Basically, it has been created out of frustration.
It's meant for any photographer that is serious about selling stock and wants to keep a close eye on his/her earnings.
How secure are my credentials? Why should I trust an app with access to my earnings?
As a company policy we do NOT intercept user data. We do not store your credentials(emails, usernames & passwords) on our servers. We realize having access to sensitive info can raise an issue of trust. To that end, all communication is encrypted and only involves you and the agency servers. Your credentials are also encrypted and stored on your device/computer only. Fortunately, we never had a complaint about intercepting data, although users have sniffed our traffic just to make sure. The only thing we check on our server is the subscription status.
Communication between the user and the agency is done over HTTPS which means all data is encrypted end-to-end. We're using 256 bit AES encryption as defined in ISO/IEC 18033-3 and FIPS PUB 197.
Does Microstockr use my earnings data?
Nope. Since we do not intercept our user's data we cannot know what your statistics are. Your data is safely stored on your smartphone/computer and only you have access to it. If we ever decide to aggregate user data, we'll only do so with your consent.
Why use the subscription model? I only want to pay once.
Developing and especially maintaining Microstockr requires constant effort. Agency websites change quite often and need constant updating. In order to sustain this effort and improve the app at the same time a constant stream of income is necessary. We prefer a low subscription paid regularly rather than a larger one time payment because it's something we can rely on.
It's worth remembering that the most important agencies on the mobile app are free and only the minor agencies require a subscription. We tried to make it as affordable as possible, so our lowest subscription is $0.99/month.
Can I use the Microstockr Pro subscription to unlock the Mobile app?
Yes! When you pay for a Microstockr Pro subscription, you can now unlock the Mobile app and use it free of charge. This gives you access to both apps without paying twice.

PRO SUBSCRIPTION = Microstockr Pro + Mobile

Remember, this feature doesn't work the other way around. If you have a Mobile subscription it doesn't unlock the Pro app.

MOBILE SUBSCRIPTION ≠ Microstockr Pro + Mobile

Microstockr Mobile

What is Dropbox Sync?
Dropbox Sync is a feature used to store your credentials on Dropbox. It is, of course, encrypted and its whole purpose is to ease logging in.
If you reinstalled Microstockr or installed it on a new device, in order to skip typing your credentials in all 30+ agencies, you can automatically log into all of them by using Dropbox Sync. All you need is Dropbox installed on your smartphone and access to the account storing the data.
Dropbox Sync does not store your sales and earnings history.
What does Restore Purchases do?
Restore Purchases is designed to re-check your subscription status when you install/reinstall the app. Whether it is on on the same or a new phone, you need to be logged into Shutterstock, press Restore Purchases and your subscription becomes valid on that device.
Are Notifications real-time?
Microstockr checks for new sales in the background. On Android devices it checks every hour, on iOS phones due to software restrictions it irregularly checks when the operating system allows it. Even so, iOS Notifications don't usually take too long to show up.
Do Notifications use my data plan?
Negative. We check for new sales only if you have access to Wi-Fi. Going through every agency and downloading content can be pretty intensive so we don't want to use up your data plan without you knowing.
What does 'Notifications for every agency' mean?
By default notifications display only how much you earned on all agencies since last time you checked. 'Notifications for every agency' breaks that amount down into individual agencies.
How do I delete an agency from my Dashboard?
Agencies are displayed in the Dashboard if they have credentials typed in(either username, password or both). To remove an agency go to the Accounts tab and delete both username and password. That's it.
Why are my Daily & Monthly sales approximate?
The mobile app works by calculating the difference between the new balance and the old balance. We subtract the old balance from the new one and the result is considered new earnings. This works perfectly for New Sales, but is just an approximation of Daily & Monthly sales.
For example, last time you refreshed your app was yesterday, you refresh again today and get a difference of $5. The app will report your Daily Sales being $5, even though $1 might have been earned yesterday. Hence the approximation. Since Daily Earnings are approximate, Monthly Earnings are too.

We use it because calculating the exact balance would require going through each sale for every agency whenever you refresh. The app would make a lot more agency server requests, would drain your smartphone battery really fast and use up your data plan.

Also, when you first log into an agency and since we use the balance difference method, your balance will be reported as earnings for the current day. So, let's say your Shutterstock balance is $100. If you just logged in, the app will report that you made $100 today, but this will even out the next day. This thing also affects the monthly balance.
Why doesn't the mobile app present more complex statistics?
The mobile app currently displays the best selling agencies and daily sales charts. It also computes new earnings by finding the difference between the old and new balance. We chose this method in order to save battery life. Generating more complex statistics requires better processing power and would also drain your phone battery.
Microstockr Pro, on the other hand, takes full advantage of laptop/desktop processors to provide a lot more features and insights into your portfolio. It figures out new sales by keeping track of every single one of them. Statistics are based on individual sales as opposed to balance difference.
Will you include my personal favorite stock agency?
The short answer is: yes. If enough people request a certain agency then we'll do our best to include it.
What do the New Earnings, Daily Earnings and Monthly Earnings in the Settings pannel do?
They let you adjust what sale bubbles display. By default bubbles show new earnings, but that can be changed to daily and monthly earnings too.
This can also be done from the Dashboard by tapping on the Total bar at the bottom of the app.
Why does it take so long for the iOS app to be updated?
Apple has a longer approval time. It usually take about 10 days for an update to go through inspection and get to the App Store. Updates for Android apps on the other hand get approved instantly.
How do I log into Envato sites(Photodune, Graphicriver, Videohive)?
You need to go to this address and follow the next steps:

1. Login
2. Check all boxes
3. Click create token
4. Paste code into Microstockr Mobile

Microstockr Pro

How is Microstockr Pro better than Microstockr Mobile?
Microstockr Pro offers detailed information you couldn't obtain on your smartphone because of limited processor speed and battery life. Statistics are based on individual sales as opposed to the balance difference method used for the mobile app. You can view daily sales all the way to the beginning of your portfolio, filter by agency, track individual/groups of images, see a photo's history over time, check latest downloads, best sellers and much more..
Do I need an account to use it?
Yes. We want to keep your sale history safe. You'll be asked to sign up for an account the first time you run Microstockr Pro on your computer.
It's also easier for us to keep track of our users and handle the infrastructure. Eventually, the goal is to use the same account on both Mobile and Pro apps.
Why does it take so long to display statistics the first time?
On the first run after logging into agencies Microstockr will crawl all websites and build a fresh database with entries for every past sale.
Needless to say this is quite cumbersome and depending on portfolio size it might take a while. Please do not close the app while it does this in the background.
I just installed Microstockr Pro. Now what?
First thing to do is click the hamburger menu on top left and open up the sidebar. All available agencies are listed there. Start logging in and watch the statistics show up one by one.
How do I reset/change my password?
If you don't remember your current password go to the Login screen click on the 'Forgot Password?' button and type in your email. You will receive a new password. Use it to login.
Click the hamburger menu on top left and in the sidebar go to Settings/Change Password. Type in the current and new password.
Can I track the same image on multiple agencies?
Yes, images in the Best Sellers tab can be grouped. Whether it is photoshoot collection or the same image on different agencies, you can track that whole group in one place. Simply drag and drop an image on top of another to create a one. It's as simple as that.
Additionaly, you can use the Match button in the photo pop-up to automatically find the same image on other agencies.
Can I group photos?
Yes, please read the above answer.
How do I remove photos from a group?
When you click on a group icon a pop-up shows up. All pictures within that group are displayed at the bottom. Simply hover over one and click the Remove button.
What is image matching? How well does it work?
Instead of manually grouping photos, you can automatically find the same image on different agencies by pressing the Match button in the photo pop-up. Microstockr goes ahead and compares it to all the pictures in your portfolio. If it finds close matches they are groupped and their statistics shown together.
Note that it only works if the picture is identical on all agencies. If composition, color or light changes are detected the matching fails.
How does Match All work? What about Unmatch All?
Match All is a feature that allows you to match your entire portfolio without having to do it photo by photo. The first time you run the algorithm it matches every single picture, the second it only matches the unmatched ones.
What do we mean by that?
Say you log into 4 agencies and match them. Groups are created. But then if you press Match All again the app finishes very quickly since all photos are already matched. If you then log into a 5th agency and press Match All, the app will ONLY match photos from the 5th agency since the previous 4 are already matched. We did this for time efficiency, since for some users matching takes a lot of time and we had to cut it down as much as we could.
What the Unmatch All does is it ungroups all photos in your portfolio and you can start from scratch. The app will then match ALL pictures all over again.
Also it is worth noting that Match All is an EXPONENTIAL process. It is slower in the beginning, since all items have to be compared to each other, but as these comparisons progress the algorithm figures out a lot of them are already matched and need to be skipped. So, this process although slow in the beginning will get faster and faster until finished.
Why does it take so long to match photos?
This might be the case for large portfolios. When dealing with thousands of photos the matching algorithm has to go through all of them and try to pair them up. Even if it takes a fraction of a second, when multiplied by a few thousand it can amount to quite some time.
Can I use the Pro account on the mobile app?
We are planning on centralizing the user accounts so users using both Mobile and Pro apps will have an easier time. It will also help us better manage these 2 platforms.
What is the difference between Downloads and Best Sellers?
While Downloads displays all latest sales in chronological order, Best Sellers shows your overall top selling photos. Right now versus all-time.
As opposed to Best Sellers the Downloads pictures cannot be grouped.
How can I see what images sold today? Or any other day?
This is where the Daily Chart is most useful. It displays all sales on a daily basis and you can navigate back and check your sales.
If you click on a date the photos sold that day are shown in the Downloads tab.
How do I remove an agency from being tracked?
Click on the hamburger menu on top left and after the sidebar opens hover over the agency then click logout. This will remove it from any statistics.
Can I use the same agency credentials on two different Microstockr accounts?
Not really. Agency credentials are connected to a single Microstockr account. In order to undo this please contact
What are the four sections at the top?
The four sections are as follows: Today, Week, Month and Total.
By clicking these sections different amounts are displayed. Today displays all sales registered that day up to that moment, Week and Month show the respective sales for the current week/month. Total is the entire sum available for withdrawal.
Below there's a breakdown list with the amount sold by each agency. Numbers change with each section.
Where can I see how much I sold on a particular month?
The Monthly Earnings chart at the bottom of the app displays the total earnings by month. You can filter by agency and year for particular results.
What is the RPD chart? How's it calculated?
The RPD(Return Per Download) chart calculates what a download earned you on average that month. It is the ratio between the earnings and downloads.
How can I find a specific photo?
Open up the Best Sellers tab and type in the photo title in the search field. The list below will update with the photo(s) found. We plan on adding keyword search in future versions, too.
How do I log into Envato sites(Photodune, Graphicriver, Videohive)?
You need to go to this address and follow the next steps:

1. Login
2. Check all boxes
3. Click create token
4. Paste code into Microstockr Pro
4. Done
Why is Microstockr Pro running so slow on Windows 7 (and later)? Can I make it run faster?
Windows 7 and later versions run an antivirus software on all files downloaded from the internet, by default. This slows down our crawling significantly because we go through a lot of pages and the Windows checking process is repeated many of times over. Since the agency websites we are accessing are safe you can add an exception for Microstockr Pro and turn this process off. Please follow the steps below:

1. Go to Settings/Update & Security/Windows Defender
2. Go to the Exclusion section
3. Click on Add an exclusion
4. Add the folder C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\Microstockr
5. Done
Are there any keyboard shortcuts I can use?
Yes there are, now you can navigate through the app a lot faster. Check out the shortcut list:

ALT + 1 → Today balance
ALT + 2 → Week balance
ALT + 3 → Month balance
ALT + 4 → Total balance

CMD/CTRL + R → Refresh

CMD/CTRL + 1 → Downloads
CMD/CTRL + 2 → Best Sellers
CMD/CTRL + 3 → Collections

` → Settings
CMD/CTRL + , → Settings

←/→ arrows → Navigate through sale pages & image pop-ups